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Hammer & Forge (925 Silver)

Hammer & Forge (925 Silver)

Pure 925 Silver & Tiger's Eye.
Limited to 20.

Ships with 24" chains,
One 2mm 925 silver chain, amd one 3mm steel chain.

Just in case anyone's skin turns out to be sensitive to silver.

I wanted to make a piece that lookede nice, matched every outfit, but didn't demand too much attention. Subtlety seems hard to come by these days! I aimed to make something manly enough for men, pretty enough for women, and that could suit anyone who wore it. I think it worked out well!

Tiger's Eye may seem like an odd stone to see in a piece of higher end jewelry, and it is! That's why you don't see it very often, but to me, it was the only option. Here's why!

This piece marks a huge chapter in my life. If you care to read, we'll start with 6 or 7 year old me.

The first material item I ever felt was a prized possession was a piece of raw Tiger's Eye my mom bought for me at Books-A-Million, right next to the register. I remember just staring at the different colors and the way it changed in the sun just really blew my tiny little (overly observant) mind.

Fast forward to teenage me, I played music, I had started doing small tours during the summers between schoolyears, and I got to play alongside so many of the rockstars that I looked up to. They all wore jewelry and dope clothes and I pretty much inadvertently fell in love with men's fashion right then and there, but at the time, I had very little money and fashion seemed to cost a lot.

I can remember being 16 years old and standing in the Hobby Lobby aisle and trying to piece together a necklace that would suit my personality and look custom made, and nothing just felt quite right so I started looking into custom jewelry design and quickly realized designing jewelry was hundreds of times more expensive than buying nice jewelry and it just seemed like a goal that I would never achieve.

Let's fast forward two more times:
This time to the current day me.
This year I opened my own media studio and Wolf Supply HQ, and that's all thanks to you. 
Designing this piece with my own hands inside my own creative studio, sending it out to a factory for casting, and then seeing it produced in precious materials with the Wolf Supply logo and my own signature stamped into the back was just a moment that I had to step back from the daily hustle and take time to appreciate how far I had come since that day in Books-A-Million.

You guys have given me more success than I ever dreamed I could achieve, and admittedly, I don't take much money from the brand, because any time I do make a profit, it goes right into developing more cool things to show you guys or into supporting other creators in this space. But to me, the success isnt about the money - it's about just being able to create and interact with people that you love, and that's you! No matter what I want to create - photos, videos, products, paintings, anything at all - YOU guys are here to receive it, and that is lightyears more fulfilling than picking up a few extra dollars.

So thank you SO much for being here, especially if you took the time to read this obnoxious spill.

Let's fast forward one last time, and that's to me in my old age. This piece marks the chapter in my life where I finally feel fulfilled, and I owe all of that to everyone who has ever interacted with the Wolf Supply brand. Through you, I've gotten to do things that I thought were out of reach. I've gotten to meet people who pulled me out of some of my darkest places, and for that - this piece will be around my neck until I die.

I hope you will enjoy it for as long as I do.
-Will from Wolf Supply.

$120.00 Regular Price
$84.00Sale Price
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